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ISSN : 1017-7108(Print)
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English Teaching Vol.74 No.1 pp.25-48

The Effects of Note-Taking Strategy Training on Students’ Notes During Academic English Listening Tests

Junghyun Kim
Inha Technical College


This study explored the effects of note-taking training on Korean college students’ notes during academic English listening tests. A total of 61 college students were randomly assigned to two different groups: Group A that later received training in note-taking strategy and Group B that did not. Group A received note-taking strategy training on three separate times, totaling 60 minutes (30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 15 minutes) that spread out over two months. The two groups took listening tests before and after Group A was trained. The results showed the positive effects of the notetaking training in relation with the groups’ note-taking behaviors. After training, the trained group used more and frequent notes whereas the untrained group’s number of notes decreased. Individual students who drastically increased the number of notes after training (in Test II) showed more systemic framework of notes for Test II than before training (in Test I). The present study is meaningful in that it utilized the different analyzing methods on the quality of notes compared with previous studies.