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ISSN : 1017-7108(Print)
ISSN : (Online)
English Teaching Vol.73 No.4 pp.149-174

Effects of Text Length and Question Type on Test-takers’ Performance on Fill-in-the-blank Items in Korean CSAT

Minryoung Bae*,Byungmin Lee
Minryoung Bae,Byungmin Lee
*Minryoung Bae: First author; Byungmin Lee: Corresponding author


This study examines the effects of text length and question type on Korean EFL readers’ reading comprehension of the fill-in-the-blank items in Korean CSAT. A total of 100 Korean EFL college students participated in the study. After divided into three different proficiency groups, the participants took a reading comprehension test which consisted of 4 reading passages (2 short and 2 long) from the Korean CSAT, followed by multiple-choice fill-in-the-blank questions and open-ended inference questions. The longer version of the passages was made from its originally restored version in which one or two paragraphs were added. The results showed that the college students performed better on the long passages than the short ones. In addition, the college students’ reading comprehension test performance was affected differently depending on the type of questions. The findings of the study provided implications on how to select and construct reading passages for high-stake nationwide examinations, such as the Korean CSAT.