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Why You Need to Join KATE

  • KATE is the leading academic association of English Education in Korea interested in research and practice in Teaching English as a Foreign Language or an Additional Language. It is also the most prestigious academic society in English education in Korea. If you join KATE, you will enjoy many benefits both academically and socially.
  • As a member, you will receive the following publications
    • ENGLISH TEACHING (영어교육) - The KATE's journal, which was rated "A" by Korea Research Foundation
    • KATE FORUM - A newsletter-type publication issued three times a year, carrying short research reports, feature articles, book reviews, details of conferences, association news etc.
  • As a member, you will also have the following opportunities
    • The opportunity to attend and present a paper at the KATE's annual international conferences.
    • The opportunity to join Special Interest Groups (SIG) and participate in their workshops.
    • The opportunity to meet with people in English education profession, especially national and international scholars, and build friendships with them.
    • The opportunity to receive an annual outstanding paper award if your article published in English Teaching is selected by the Editorial Board.

Membership Rates

  • KATE has two membership categories: regular membership and library/institution membership. The regular membership is open to specialists in teaching English, such as teachers, teacher trainers, researchers, and administrators. Libraries, publishing companies, and other institutions constitute the library/institution members.

    The annual membership fee is 30,000 won for regular membership and 100,000 won for library/institution membership. However, please be advised that, if you join KATE for the first time, there is an additional initiation (admission) fee of 30,000 won. (Overseas members fees are $50.00 for initiation fee and $50.00 for annual fee, due to the overseas postage charge.)

    Regular Membership 30,000 won
    Library/Institution Membership 100,000 won
    Admission Fee (if you join KATE for the first time) 30,000 won
    Lifetime Membership 400,000 won
    * Overseas members fees are $50.00 for initiation fee and $50.00 for annual fee, due to the overseas
    postage charge.

    If you join KATE conference or SIG, there is an additional registeration fee of 20,000 won.
  • Send your fee to KATE (한국영어교육학회) at the following account
    KATE bank account : Shinhan Bank 신한은행(구 조흥) 366-01-069405
  • For more information on membership application, please contact Treasurer Shin, Myeong-Hee (신명희) (scindy@hnu.kr)

Renewal of the Membership

  • Regular membership : 30,000 won (year)
    Library/institution membership : 100,000 won (year)
    KATE bank account : Shinhan Bank 신한은행(구 조흥) 366-01-069405


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