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영어교육학회 논문 투고 윤리 규정 준수 확인서

  • Chapter Two: Obligations of the Author(s)
    • Article Three: Acknowledgement of Sources
      • ① The author(s) submitting a manuscript shall have to give proper acknowledgement when drawing upon other’s work.
      • ② Information obtained during manuscript review and research proposal evaluation and information privately obtained by the author(s) through conversation, correspondence, or discussion with another person shall have to be acknowledged only after explicit permission from the person from whom the information was obtained.
    • Article Four: Responsibility
      • The author(s) shall be responsible for and recognized only for their own work.
    • Article Five: Authorship
      • For the integrity of authorship, authors’ names shall have to be listed in accordance with the contributions the authors have made to research and manuscript preparation. In no circumstances, shall anyone be listed as the first author or a coauthor for the sole reason of being in a special position related to those submitting a manuscript.
    • Article Six: Multiple Submissions of the Manuscript
      • The author(s) shall not be allowed to submit a manuscript which has already been published, accepted for publication elsewhere, or submitted elsewhere for review. However, in case that a manuscript is based on the authors’ research findings, part of which was previously published elsewhere, the author(s) shall have to inform the Editorial Board about the fact and let the Editorial Board investigate whether it is a case of unacceptable multiple submissions.
    • Article Seven: Revision of the Manuscript
      • The author(s) shall have to strive to revise their manuscript in accordance with the feedback and suggestions provided by the reviewers and/or the Editorial Board during the review and journal editing process. If the authors disagree with a requested revision, they shall have to provide, in writing, relevant evidence and justification for not making the requested change.

I, hereby, agree to the ethics standards for research and publication as stated above.