27th KATE President's Inauguration Address
File Date 2016-08-04 Hit 2252

Dear KATE members,


I am greatly honored to serve The Korea Association of Teachers of English (KATE) as its 27th president. I would like to express my warmest and deepest greetings to all of you. Especially, I would like to send my earnest respect and gratitude to the former presidents, board members, and all KATE members for their great dedication and excellent endeavors. Now, I am very proud to be part of this prestigious group of scholars and teachers.


Last year, we celebrated our 50th anniversary. Over the past five decades since its foundation in 1965, KATE has grown into a highly acknowledged core community of ELT professionals both at the domestic and international levels. This growth has been possible thanks to the boundless contributions and self-sacrificing dedication of our former presidents and board members as well as other members of KATE. Based on their previous accomplishments for KATE, I and the new KATE board members will exert our utmost efforts to maintain the status of the association with service-minded leadership, together with my passion for the development of English education and to continue our journey to pursue academic and professional excellence in the field of English language teaching and research in order to expand our horizons and perspectives locally and globally. We are also equally committed to encouraging English language teaching and research that will ensure the excellence and fairness of English language education practices that are currently being developed and conducted in Korea. These are always worthwhile objectives, but we must continually renew our commitment to pursuing these goals.


For the next two years, I and the KATE board members will particularly do our best to broaden the base of English language education not only from the cognitive perspective but also from the social, cultural, political, and ideological perspectives. As the issues of globalization, educational accountability, and the sociopolitical dimension of education and assessment increase their influence on English language education, we are seeing the expansion of English education and research not only in terms of language teaching per se, but also in terms of the social perspectives of English education domestically and globally. We have long felt that there is an urgent need for the field of English language education to maintain its high quality and fairness of learning, teaching, and assessment in terms of Korean sociopolitical consequences as well as globalized perspectives. Moreover, in addition to the academic aspects of English language education, I will also focus on the non-academic aspects of English education, such as the empowerment of KATE in dealing with current sociopolitical issues of English language education and active involvement in initiating, developing, and evaluating English language education policies.


I believe that KATE should be a wellspring where professors, researchers, teachers, and other stakeholders in English education can work together to find solutions to their current problems and gain insight by sharing their thoughts and difficulties within the association. For English teaching at schools to be implemented effectively, issues and problems that emerge in the process must be resolved through the combined efforts of English education scholars, teachers, researchers, the schools, and the government. We need special support and encouragement from all KATE members. Accomplishing these visions to make KATE a more prominent ELT association in Korea as well as internationally will not be possible without your valuable love, time, and contributions.


I am looking forward to serving together to ensure that KATE will continue to lead, thrive, and shine throughout the coming years. So it gives me great pleasure and privilege to cordially invite all of you to join this wonderful upcoming journey by sharing brilliant ideas and expertise to contribute to unprecedented growth of KATE.




Young Shik Lee, Ph. D.

President, The Korea Association of Teachers of English

August 1st, 2016